The Classroom Buzzz...

News Reported by Mrs. Paluch's Class

May 16, 2016

Edited by: Julia, Gianna, Henry and Hannah

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On field day our class went to 12 stations we started at station 11 and it was a money grab although the money was fake. The kids who were not in the money grab were playing tug a war. Then we went to a game where we threw fish into a net. Next we went to the photo booth and everyone had crazy costumes. After that we went to the bounce house/obstacle course. Then we went to cubs vs. sox. It was so fun!!!!! Then we went to another sports game which was the beanbag toss. Later we went to a game where you have to throw a football to a target.Soon we went to play the water balloon toss, some got soaking wet. Soon after that we played something that was like a word search but it was really a memory game. Afterwards we played human foosball . We also played Tick Tac Toe and lastly we did a hula hoop contest . We were going to do a freeze dance contest but our class was so good at hula hooping that we ran out of time for our freeze dance contest.

What's Happening in Specials...

Baseball in P.E.

In P.E. we are playing Baseball . In our baseball unit we have cones to hit the ball off of. We have two players that are really good and they are Bryson and Charlie. Bryson and Charlie are so good that they'd hit the ceiling and fall down or go really far. There were others that were good to but not as good as them, but our point is that it was really fun and we can't wait for next time.

Music- I Lost My Closet Key

In music we played a game called "I Lost My Closet Key." It was a game similar to another game called Doggie Doggie where's my bone. We held a string with a key and we had to pass it to the next person. Whoever had it when we sang, "Who has the closet key?" they would have to say, "I have the closet key." The person in the middle would have to guess who had it.


What did the bird say to the peanut butter? You're nuts!

When do you go at red and stop at green? When you are eating a watermelon.

Why did the orange go to the doctor? He wasn't peeling well.

Coupon Crazy!

Everyone was turning in their Paluch Pennies for coupons. The types of coupons were, special seating, bring a stuffed animal, wear a hat, be a teacher, and stinky feet. A lot of kids did special seating. They get to sit in a special chair or sit by a friend or sit anywhere. Some kids brought their stuffed animal to school. Others took their shoes off. Some wore hats.