The Enlightenment

By Jarel and Matt

Major Ideas Of The Enlightenment

The enlightenment was a philosophical movement where people attempted to make life easier through use of the scientific method and logic.

Seperation of power- a system of checks and balances to prevent one person or group from gaining too much power.

Laissezfaire- means let people do what they want

Social contract- a whole group of people agrees to be governed by themselves.

Education- the printing press made it easier for most of the population to be educated instead of just the upper class

Johann Sebastian Bach

Bach was a musical composer who had a very wealthy family who produced many artists in the enlightenment. He worked with the church to go against the ideas of the enlightenment, he wrote worship music and one of the most important pieces in history called air in F. Although he did not invent new forms, he enriched the rythms, control of harmonies, and contrapuntal technique/ His works are revered for their intelletual depth, technical command, and Artistic beauty. He was a Christian.


With the era of the enlightenment period most people in the church slowly stopped going and moved freely. The strictness of the church and control died down and people started making their own religion.
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