Rio De Janeiro

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Rio De Janeiro is found in Brazil, and is the second largest city there. This tropical getaway is the place for you, because it has beaches and an open sea, and it is the place to be. To prove this fact is true, I will also tell you that this city is one of the most visited places, in the whole southern hemisphere. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!


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Olympics 2016 held in Rio

Brazil: Olympics 2016 (Rio de Janeiro)

Fifa 2014 Finals held in Rio

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brasil™ | Bosnia & Herzegovina | Promo Trailer

Extra Info

Rio is on the strip of Brazillian's atlantic coast, and is close to the tropic of capricorn. The total area of the city of rio is 1,182.30 km squared. You must have guessed but they have tropical weather, it is always warm, or raining. If you didnt know the city rio is the host of many companies and industries all over the world.


Sunday, June 2nd, 8pm

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, RJ

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