King Elementary School Read Alouds

A King Connections Special Edition- Volume IX

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Dear King Families

We hope you enjoy Volume 9 of our Read Aloud Special Editions! We continue to cherish this opportunity to read some of our favorite stories for you all to enjoy. Be sure to check out the J.K. Rowlings link below as well as the other wonderful links of authors, celebrities and even astronauts reading great books!

Virtually Yours,

The King Team!

Live Read Alouds and Activities from Children's Authors and Illustrators! Livros lidos e atividades de autores e illustradores! Libros leídos y actividades en vivo de autores e ilustradores!

Other educators, as well as celebrities and even the authors themselves, have offered some read-aloud gems for kids of all ages to enjoy. Here are just a few:

  • R.J. Palacio, author of Wonder, has a read-aloud of the first chapter available on YouTube.
  • Josh Gad, the voice of “Olaf” from the Disney Frozen movies, is reading books aloud on his Twitter feed.
  • Country star and Imagination Library founder Dolly Parton is hosting a “Goodnight with * Dolly” story time on the Imagination Library Facebook page, Thursday nights.
  • We Are Teachers put together the great, big list of more than 50 authors doing online read-alouds of their books and other activities.
  • YouTube channel Storyline Online has tons of celebrities doing read-alouds, from Betty White to Rami Malek to Oprah.
  • Nonprofit Unite for Literacy offers read-alouds in both fiction and nonfiction in multiple languages.
  • KidLitTV offers both video and podcast read-alouds.
  • NASA astronauts are doing Storytime from Space.
Ms Malkin Reads The Giving Tree
Mrs. B reads Me and My Dragon
it's not all rainbows
Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog
Big Bad Bubble by Adam Rubin - Read Aloud by Ms. Gravanti