Ancient Rome Travel Poster

Why you should move to Rome

Daily Life in Rome

There was a lot to live for here in Rome


Great food

Amazing buildings

Athletics and Activities

You are able to...

worked out

take a nice long bath

chilled out at the pool

do wrestling matches,

& get massages

You should move to Rome because you have many options and all of them are every enjoyable and you can pick whatever options you wanted to.

Food and Drink

Some of the foods that I eat normally are...

flamingos and pig otters

we I usually drink...

wine and sit at a table to eat

We often got our food...

the markets around town

You should move to Rome because the food here is great and the market has many choices and most options are very inexpensive.

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I live in a...

spacious airy home

and it is build from pure marble.

The dining room is the best space in the house

Those who are not as fortunate as me live in...

a small crapped apartment

barely any food

no air conditioning

You should move to Rome because you would have some sort of shelter to live and most houses are very, VERY nice.

Law and order

If you are poor...

you get punished really badly

this could lead to death if you can not pay your fines

even if you were poor you could accuse someone of something

If you were wealthy...

you just had to pay fines

did not have any punishment

You should move to Rome because you can accuse anyone of anything no matter who you were! So no one would get away with any bad stuff that they did.

Family Life

A life of a teenager

get married soon

oil of your doorknobs

flowers on your door

get carried in on your husbands horse

You should move to Rome because this is a great ceremony to have.


Some of my education...

we write with things called stylus's

we write on slates

you can be sent to have a better education

all the teachers will teach you how to do writing and reading.

You should move to Rome because they have great teachers and you can learn a lot.


We have...

many gods we worship


lots of religious music

contests if you were good at playing an instrument

You should move to Rome because we have great religious ceremony's and lots of temples to worship whoever you like.

Country Life

The country life is...

some hard work and some chilling

the guys worked in the farms

working in the farms made you really tough and strong

you can sit by the pool

go on picnic's

You should move to Rome because you can chill out and do some work to!!

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You will love Rome!! There is a lot of fun thing sand activities you can do here!