Veterinary Anesthesiologist

Emily Heaton

what a veterinary Anesthesiologist does.

Veterinary Anesthesiologists are vets that specialize in administering anesthesia to animals during surgery and after to control the pain. Also to evaluate an animal before the treatment, make a sedation plan, performing diagnostic test, giving fluids, monitoring vital signs, operating specialized, updating charts, and supervising vet techs.

Career options

when a veterinary anesthesiologist get there degree they can be employed by hospitals or universities or can have there own private practice. they can also only choose to work with small animals or small animals.

Education and Training

To become a veterinary anesthesiologist you first have to be a licensed vet and then have special training after to become and anesthesiologist. and must complete three years of veterinary anesthesiologist work to become licensed.


A veterinary anesthesiologist cane make anywhere form 82,000 to 141,000 a year. and once you become for successful the more chance of making more money

what interest me in this job.

this job would be perfect for me because I have always wanted to be an anesthesiologist and work with animals. so I could never decide if I wanted to be a vet or and anesthesiologist. but now I can work with animals and be what I wanted to be. and a veterinary anesthesiologist makes good money
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