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5 Things to do with Kids on a Family Vacation

5 Things to do with Kids on a Family Vacation

Do you think that a vacation with family is always like babysitting? Do you think you are not able to get premium relaxing time when you are around with kids?

If yes, then we have to say that you haven’t planned your family vacation properly! Yes. After a tough week’s work, who wouldn’t look out for a rejuvenating weekend?

We tend to make a lot of plans, but they remain pipe dreams. You make vows to wake up early on Saturday morning, and end up waking up at about 10-ish! The day is lethargic, and by the time you realize, Saturday is gone and so is Sunday.

When we actually do succeed in having a family outing, more often than not, we end up with unfulfilled desires. You just wanted to be on the green turf and putt away to glory while your kids were occupied safely in some game. Or, you just wanted to have a fun game of cricket!

No longer is this an un achievable dream! Say hi to your friendly neighborhood family resorts in Hyderabad. You need not take your children with you to business trips. We all know that you and your family hate those family-cum-business trips.

Right in the metropolis of Hyderabad, sprawling meadows, and cool springs await you. You can now make a great escape to the nearest family resorts.

And, speaking of family resorts, there are a variety of them available in Hyderabad. There are theme-based resorts that cater to the niche crowd and there are those that cater to family needs.

We at Palm Exotica are a Boutique and Spa resort that has a something for everyone in the family.

Set on the highlands of Shankar palli, Hyderabad, we are at the right distance from the city; not too far to travel, and not too near for pollution! Palm Exotica is a resort in Hyderabad for family outing. Ours is a uniquely designed eco friendly luxury holiday resort.

With spectacular, panoramic views and luxurious accommodation, there are a variety of thrills and treats awaiting you at Palm Exotica. Here is a list of five things you can do with your family and kids when at Palm Exotica.

· Dining: At Palm Exotica dining is not just a gastronomic experience; it’s diving into luxurious aesthetics. Have a gourmet experience like no other! The best of locales and the best of fine dining experiences at affordable prices!

· Recreational Activities: Imagine, in a paradise like landscape, you relax and rejuvenate in the flora spa while your kids are swimming under the safe guidance of a coach! Doesn’t that sound tempting! Or, you may even opt for that workout you wanted to do all week but couldn’t and your kids can also part take in the gym activity!

· Adventure Sports: If its adrenaline rush that rejuvenates and revitalizes you, then Palm Exotica is the right place for you! With your kids, you can take part in a wide range of adventure sports. Palm Exotica boasts South India’s largest adventure park. From kids’ games to boys’ toys you have everything. Caroms, chess, basketball, military obstacles, and dirt karts, we got it all!

· Day/Night Cricket: Palm Exotica houses international standard 20-20 cricket stadium. If you are planning for a getaway with a group that loves cricket, then you can play a day/night game of cricket while your wives enjoy a spa session!

· Golf: If the Tiger Woods roars in you and you prefer an absorbing game of golf, Palm Exotica can give you all the luxurious. Introducing the 9-hole international standard executive golf course! Bask in the sunshine while your kids are happily occupied in their favorite pastime!

Family vacations have never been so good what with Palm Exotica offering so much at such reasonable prices. Come enjoy the vacation in a manner it ought to be!