3S Sensations

Highlights from the week of 9/15/14

News & Reminders

We had another great week, full of firsts! Our third graders have been flexing those brain muscles!

Family Journal: Each Friday your child will take home their spelling test and Family Journal. Please take a moment to read your child's letter and write a quick response.

Spelling Tests: your child will take home their spelling test each Friday. Please sign and return spelling tests on Monday.

Spelling this week: Students will learn how to do their SSW (Self Selected Word) and practice our spelling pattern, but they will not have new words this week.

Reading Log: Students should log their reading each night on their RAH Log. Logging includes writing the date, title, number of pages read, an I Response, and an initial from you! Logs are collected on Fridays to be checked. Please help your student remember to log every night.

Other News & Reminders:

*HW is posted on my eboard.

*Students began their Typing instruction in the computer lab. They are welcome to log on from home and continue practicing. Please encourage them to look at the screen and practice correct hand placement. It's tough but helpful! Link is on my Eboard, too.

*Scholastic Orders were submitted and should be arriving shortly

*We have received soap and hand sanitizer. Thank you! :)

Ms. Salazar's Eboard

Links to HW assignments, web-based programs we used, and much more!

Students complete their first Vocab Spinner planning sheet!

Stay tuned for a video that shows how we review our vocabulary words.

Writing Workshop

Students brainstormed ideas for TRUE stories by thinking of special people and places. Then, they wrote Fast and Furiously to get the whole story down on paper. They challenged themselves to use their VOICE in their writing, so the readers could really SEE, FEEL, and HEAR the story. They did a great job@

Family Journal-using planning sheets to stay organized!

Our Brassica plants continue to grow!

Rockin' Readers!

This week we focused on the key elements of a story: characters, setting, and plot. We discussed how these can affect the story outcome and practiced by filling out story maps. Students can use story maps to help them summarize their stories and help them make sure they're understanding what's happening!

Schools THEN and NOW-Students used a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast one room school houses with schools today

Rotary Club Visit

The Rotary Club of Haddonfield visited our class with a special gift: dictionaries! They taught the students how to use the dictionaries and why they are so important and special.
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Typing Agent

Students have missions to complete as Special Typing Agents! Log on is student's ID number and password is password. Check out our Typing Agents as they practice proper hand placement and keep their eyes on the screen!

*Link can be found on my Eboard

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