#digcit chat

Tonight 2.11.15 @ 7PM ET

#creepU with @mbfxc & #ed210 & #ed536 Ss

Tonight's #digcit chat questions was inspired by this #creepU assignment.

Q1: When online how many audiences are our Ss aware of? How do we help them realize the digital tattoo(s) they choose to wear? #digcit

Q2: How can we change or alter our digital tattoos once they’ve already been created? #digcit

Q3: What obligations do we have as educators to make sure our Ss are responsible online? What do you do to promote the positive? #digcit

Q4: How can we get our students to brand themselves and their schools through positive social media? #digcit

Q5: As educators, what ways can we implement #cybersecurity within the classroom, the school, the community, etc? #digcit

Q6: Finally, how can Ss learn from other Ss about their digital imperfections which will ultimately make positive changes? #digcit

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