Diet Control

By: Amber Bloedel

Controlling Fat/Cholesterol

  • Limit butter, cream, hydrogenated oils, shorening, coconut oil.
  • Use eggs in moderation and season vegetables with herbs or spices instead of butter/oil.
  • Trim fat from meat before AND after cooking.
  • Read labels to determine amount and type of fat in foods.
  • Roast, broil, boil, or bake instead of frying.

Controlling Sugar

  • Serve fresh fruits and vegetables instead of candy or cookies.
  • Use spices for flavor instead.
  • Add fruit to yogurt rather than buying flavored yogurt.
  • Check labels to determine sugar content.
  • Buy unsweetened cereal and add fruit instead off sugar.

Controlling Sodium

  • Taste food before adding extra salt.
  • Eat fewer salty snacks (pretzels).
  • Read labels and choose those without added salt.
  • Substitute herbs/spices for flavor.
  • Use lemon juice or balsamic vineger instead of salt on poultry/fish.