Dear Parents, February 3, 2016

Tomorrow Thursday February 4th, we have our Grandparents Event. The Mass is at 9:00 a.m. Our children are attending the weekly Mass. Grandparents may sit with their grandchild. Afterwards, they will go up to the auditorium to have TEA and watch a program prepared by Mr. Nolting, our Music teacher, in honor of our Grandparents. Grandparents will then bring their grandchild down to their classroom after the TEA and program. Grandparents may tour the school or visit your grandchild's class at this time.

PRE-K 4 is going to have to cancel the party with food and drink as previously mentioned due to our annual nutrition inspection happening on the 11th of February. Since a lot of party food comes from outside the school, it may not pass the nutritional guidelines that we are strictly under and we do not want to lose our breakfast and lunch program because of outside food being brought in that day. All Valentine parties in the whole school had to be cancelled for this reason.

Our Valentine celebration in our classroom on Thursday, February 11th will consist of only passing out our valentines to each other and doing some Valentine art activities or games. We will just have a regular day with the passing of valentines but no party and no food or drink. DON'T FORGET YOUR VALENTINE BOXES.

Thank you to the parents that had already volunteered to donate treats for our party.

Field trip to the Post Office tomorrow (pending good weather!) will begin at 12:30 due to our Catholic School's week assembly changing start times to 1:30. We will be back by then. Thank you parents for sending in Valentine stamped and addressed envelopes.

Field trip forms have all been turned in as well. Whoo Hoo!!