My Eye Site

Ana Penaloza

I was at the doctors office with my mom for check up and to check my eyes. The doctor gave me a prescription for new glasses. That day my min was discovering stores to go get my eyes checked and pick out new glasses. When my mom found the perfect store she made an appointment for me and my sister. I was wondering what it was going to be that day.

The next day I went to the store my mom discovered to get my eye checked again. When the letters popped up in the screen I couldn't see a thing at all. I heard the doctor talking to my mom about how bad my eye site was. I was so worried that my were really bad. As soon as I heard that I needed glasses I was Stunned.

After all of that I went to pick out my new glasses. I was looking at the kids lenses but they were to small. We were talking the nurse and she picked out women glasses . I tried them on and they fit perfectly. She put them on a special room so she could fix them and put the prescription on them. Then I went to pick them up and they looked great I could see perfect and for now on i will take care of my eyes.

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