Our Drought Problem In Texas!

By: Gavin Fouts, Daniel Busch, and Colten Ballard

How This Came To Be!

In Texas we have been dealing with droughts for a couple years now and that is because of how we waste water from everyday tasks. For example for when we take a shower/bath we use more than is needed. So we have came up with ideas to stop this problem by telling the society that showers will be replaced to eco-showers that have a time limit attached to conserve more water.

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Drought Summary

Droughts happen in many places in the U.S. which is a bigger problem than you think. When you take a shower or get a drink of water you might think that you wont run out and it doesn't matter how much is taken. The thing is that you aren't taking in consideration that if we continue these chain of events that we will once again experience a drought just like in 2010-2011. So what we are trying to say is that droughts are a very serious in a way of death because in Africa mainly they have to drink water that the body shouldn't be using which gives them worms, diseases,etc. The invention above is a very intelligent to be made which is the Water Pebble which what it does is it basically controls your shower/bath time. So every time you turn on your shower/bath it sets at 4-8 minute timer based on how you set it but it only has the option to change it through those times so clean fast and make every second count! This helps us so much so we have more water for us to donate,use for your body, or other uses.