West Quad April Update

Evaluations, Quad Event, almost summer!!

Save the Date: 4/14 Res Ed Kick Off, 5pm-7:30pm

Staff Evaluations...

Evaluation season is upon us. Please pay attention to an email that will have information related to End o the Year Evaluations. Here are some details related to Spring Evaluations from our Director, Kristan:

Basic overview:

  • When possible, these should be completely electronically.
  • RA's and HR's should complete a self-evaluation (using their specific form) and turn it into their supervisor. (at your discretion, you can ask the RA to copy you on their self-eval to the HR.) As a reminder, the self-evaluation is the same form the supervisor is using--this allows the information to be congruent.
  • If you'd like to ask the RA to evaluate the HR, you may by having them complete the HR form from their vantage point.
  • You should get an evaluation of all of your RA's and review it with the HR--ensure there are no surprises and that they feel supported.
  • I do not need to see your evaluations of the HRs, but would like to talk about their performance prior to Friday, April 25th.
  • I would like to have this all completed before Friday, April 25th so that we can move right into our RA selection and returner processes following the break.

Please use this timeline with the student staff:

  • Self-evals are due to supervisors by Monday, April 7th
  • Evaluations by HR is due to the AD by Monday, April 14th (encourage them to start before getting the self-evals)
  • Evaluations given to RA's (by the HR) between Monday, April 21st through Friday, April 25th
  • Signed copies of evaluations put into staff files by Friday, April 25th.

Remember, there is another lottery on 4/5. Know your lottery time and wear your Red Polo!

West Quad Grill 'n Chill

What is the West Quad "Grill 'n Chill?"-It is your West Quad Event for APRIL! Remember, during the month of April you are responsible for working as a team to plan a Large event to celebrate the end of the year.

Each staff will be responsible for 2 committees. The committees are listed below:

  • Marketing (Obviously advertising, making people excited for this event!-Budget, $75.00)
  • Activities (Tye Dying, Corn Hole, Budget $150.00)
  • Community Art Idea (Kate has an awesome idea for this...see below-Budget-$200, from DSF Account)
  • Food (Responsible for snacks, food, drinks, dessert!, $250, from DSF account)
  • Music
  • Thank you Cards for housekeeping (a form of staff appreciation, Budget $25.00)
  • Set up and Take Down (Must arrive 1/2 hour prior to event and stay to clean up)

At you staff meeting, or before select your top four preferences. Email them to Molly. Those who respond first will most likely get their top to preferences for committees-act fast!!

We also need to pick a date and time. Everyone must fill out this doodle form. Note: this even can happen during common hour, on a weekend, or during a weeknight. I attempted to select a variety of days/times. Click here for the link to doodle poll to pick ALL the dates and times that work for you.

During the West Quad Grill and Chill, we will create this beautiful image to be hung in the first year Lounge. First Year Students will be able to write a positive message on the back of the canvas!

Summer Housing Information:

It is the time of year when our minds turn to Summer Housing. I want to take a moment to share some important information and highlights with everyone.

o All information regarding 2014 Summer Residency as well as the 2014 Summer Residency Application can be found in the Residential Education and Housing section of the Campus Resources Tab via the MyDenison Portal.

o If you are considering applying for summer residency, keep in mind that you must meet one of the following criteria to apply:

1) Campus Employment (Must maintain a minimum of 30 hours weekly)

2) Approved Summer Research

3) An approved Denison Internship (through Career Exploration & Development)

4) Organizational Studies Program

5) Homestead Residency

o The deadline for Summer Residency Applications is 12PM noon, Friday, April 18th.

o The summer housing rate is $75.00 per week (Saturday through Sunday – any partial weeks are charged at the full week rate).

o Like last year, all DU Housing will close for a week in late summer so that spaces can be better prepared for fall move-in. This means all housing will be closed to all students the week of August 3-9, 2014. During this period, all students must completely vacate summer spaces and remove all personal belongings. Only one building will remain open for students doing research or working during this week. This small number of students must receive prior approval from the Office of Residential Education and Housing.

o Please review all information regarding summer housing, including the Summer 2014 Residency Policies & Procedures via MyDenison. Should you have any questions regarding these materials or your summer stay, please contact Cari Meng in the Curtis Service Center via e-mail at mengc@denison.edu. Please use the subject line “Summer Housing”.