Math Talk

Coach's Corner by Engy Boutros

The Big Picture

  • A good math student can see the math. Seeing the math means visualizing the process, making the connections to previously learned concepts and extending the concepts to help solve unfamiliar problems.
  • Our everyday life provides the context.
  • We use math to help us solve problems.
  • Graphical models help us analyze and look for patterns.
  • Algebraic models provide a method for making predictions and looking for solutions.
  • Words are translated to math in order to make analysis concise and doable.
  • It is important to teach students the whys and the hows. (Procedural vs. Conceptual understanding...we should continually be asking where is the thinking in our teaching?)

Mathematical Processes

Grade 9: The Line

Relationships can increase at a constant rate or decrease at a constant rate.

y = mx + b

Possible Guiding Question:

How can math help me make some important financial decisions?

Grade 10: The Parabola

Things don't always increase or decrease at a constant rate. Numbers can increase and then decrease again or start off decreasing and then increase.

y = ax^2 + bx + c

Guiding questions:

Where will the ball land? How far will it be?

What is the largest area?

What is the safest height and width for the bridge?

Grade 11 and beyond : Functions

Guiding question:

How can we use functions to model real life data? (e.g. the motion of a swing, the rise and fall of tides, the rapid decay of radioactive substances, the growth rate of bacteria, population growth, the accumulation of interest, the depreciation of valued goods etc...)

Halls Harbour Tide, Time Lapse


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In addition to the traditional test and quizzes why not use interviews, art projects, performance tasks, data collection and analysis?

High importance on feedback and self assessment and less importance on grades.

When students ask if it counts answer :

"It counts for learning"!

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Math Anxiety

Millionaire Math

Mindset and Anxiety

What happened when she saw the question?

What made the task difficult?

Was she able to do the question?

How does this relate to our students?

What our students are saying...

EQAO survey
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What teachers can do to promote a growth mindset and decrease math anxiety...

What a positive math class looks like...

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Dan Meyer on Real-World Math

Why teaching procedures and algorithms is not enough?

Why is Math Different Now

Students at work

Sample Assessments

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Super Stairs

How many processes are involved in this task?
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Who says there is no room for manipulatives?

Integers, Expanding, Factoring and Completing the Squares

The abstract world of algebra can be made concrete through the use of algebra tiles.

Many great tasks on the OAME TIPS4RM site.

A Great web based graphing calculator...

Final Summatives

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Performance Task

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