Positive Psychology


Table Discussion #1

What do you think Positive Psychology is?

Disease Model vs. Well Being Model

Disease Model:

- "What is wrong with you?"

- WWII caused a shift in the focus of the Psychology Community

- Government funded solutions for PTSD

- Caused great strides in mental health

- Disorders were classified

- Rate of anxiety, depression, and stress in both youth and adults is climbing at an alarming rate.

- One mission: To root out problems and fix them. To cure mental illness.

- Perspective that if our youth aren't "troubled", they're fine.

Well Being Model:

- "What is right with you?"

- Three missions: Cure Mental Illness, Nurture Talent, and Make People Happier.

- Goal: To raise fulfilled, productive, engaged, and happy youth

- To do this we need to give them skills to both prevent what can go wrong AND skills to promote what is right.

- New field of psychology is emerging - Positive Psychology

What is Positive Psychology?

Table Discussion #2

You have a student that is suffering from anxiety in your class. While supporting them in working through that, how do you continue to encourage and uplift the rest of your class? Try and come up with strategies that specifically highlight your students' strengths.

Table Discussion #3

What are some other ways you can use the Positive Psychology theory in the classroom?