4 Things You Want from a University

Taylor's Is On To Meet YOUR Needs!

You Want To Earn Top Salary

Taylor’s graduates can command a starting monthly salary in the top 25% of Malaysia’s industry standard

You Want To Be The Next Entrepreneur!

Taylor's Business students have started their own companies and built them into real success stories after they graduated

You Want To Be The Top Choice by Top Employers!

Taylor's students are hot in demand by industry's leading companies.

You want to be in the Best University

Taylor’s University has won awards from Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Awards and Putra Brand Awards year after year.
Taylor's University - Top Employers' Top Choice University
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*(Foundation, Diploma & ADP enrolments only).Valid 13 July 2013 only. Limited offer on first-come-first-serve basis.

2. Career Test

Still not sure where you want to go? At Taylor's, we'll steer you towards the right path. Why not come to Taylor's Is ON Open Day to find out more about your interest? It's FREE!

3. Campus Tour

You have heard about the beautiful campus overlooking the lake, and full with tenants like Chatime, Starbucks, EcoBar, Old Town White Coffee (the list goes on and on..), but you would really really love to see it with your own eyes to believe it! On 13 July, we will bring you on the campus tour and you can fall in love with it yourself :)

Awesome! But where & how do I start?

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Go On A Tour At Taylor's University Lakeside Campus

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Taylor's Lakeside Campus Facilities

How's Life in Taylor's University?

HARLEM SHAKE OFFICIAL @ Taylor's University Lakeside Campus
Taylor's University K-gen flashmob performance 2012 (Practice Video)
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What Are Taylor's Students Saying?

Ivan She Sai Hoe

School of Computing and IT

Graduate of RMIT Bachelor of Computer Science

"This programme is well structured and has given me a solid foundation. Various types of workshops and talks organised by the school have helped me broaden my knowledge. There are also a number of professional certification opportunities such as Oracle and SAP that ensures students of Taylor’s School of Computing and IT will be highly qualified and sought after."

Christopher Chew Mun Kit

School of Engineering

"Engineering at Taylor’s is cool because learning takes place beyond the classroom. Students are challenged to think and innovate through many projects, thus making us more active and independent learners and give us the opportunity to experience what it would be like in the real working world."

Joni Ong Ker Shing

Taylor’s School of Architecture, Building and Design

"Taylor’s University provides a conducive study environment where I am able to excel academically and maximise my potential. The lecturers are highly proficient in their respective fields and constantly encourage us to progress. At Taylor’s University, the course syllabus is well-designed and organised, which allows me to explore ideas clearly and widely. With a varied mixture of students both local and international, I have gained a broader circle of friends, which adds colours to my social life. It has boosted my confidence to achieve my dream to become an architect. Organised school activities have also been rather exciting and constructive at the same time."

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