Plano Middle School Weekly Update

Monday, February 20th - Friday, February 24th

Valentine's Poetry Contest Winners!

1st Place: That One school

By Natalie M.

There's this one teacher in school,

I couldn't live without,

They tackle friendship fall-outs,

And help to clear my doubts,

They’re here for me when I'm at my worst,

They fight for me and put me first,

They’re like an actual real person,

One you can relate to,

They make my school day much less gray,

But then I remember that's all the teachers at my school,

I love this school today.

And for that I will thank them eternally.

2nd Place: Still Worth My While

By Franco T.

Walking the halls all drowsy and tired,

Thinking of how this is not worth my while,

Then I look from the side of my eye,

Teachers looking at me with big smiles,

Hello, how do you do?

Hello, how are you?

I’m feeling all this kindness inside,

Happy my teachers are still worth my while.

School Dance!

The Student Council is excited to announce our upcoming spring dance on Friday, March 10th from 6-8 PM! The theme for our dance is "An Evening Under the Stars." The dance is free to attend and students should dress casually. We hope to see you there!

Girl's Basketball Program

Our Plano 7-12 girls basketball program would like to begin offering some open gyms and other opportunities that they'd like to communicate out to our interested parties and their parents!

Remind Group: @gbbpms2023

Big picture

Students of the Month!

7 Purple Team:

Cooper B.

7 Black Team:

Eddie I. & Geilyn N.

8 Purple Team:

Javier A. & Briana K

8 Black Team:

Chesney S & Matias M.

One School, One Book!

As a school community, we aim to develop engaged readers in order to enhance a love of learning through literacy.

This week we are reading, doing trivia, AND other activities for chapters 21-24 this week!

Mental Health Awareness Program

Students will be participating in a mental health and depression awareness program called Depression Education & Suicide Awareness. The lessons will take place during your child’s PE/Health class over two days; 7th grade Feb 21-22, 8th grade, Feb 23-24. This program was developed by a highly respected mental health education and advocacy organization, Erika’s Lighthouse: A Beacon of Hope for Adolescent Depression.

The program goals include:

  • Raising awareness of good mental health.
  • Raising awareness of the signs of depression and risk and warning signs of suicide.
  • Reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues.
  • Encouraging help-seeking skills and, if necessary, additional support services.

A key component of the Erika’s Lighthouse program is Family Engagement through education and awareness. They have developed two ways that may help promote conversations with your children about mental health and depression:

  1. The Family Handbook on Mental Health and Depression was written by parents, for parents to help families extend school-based mental health education to the home. You can access this and other resources here at

  1. A short Virtual Family Workshop is available for you to watch. This workshop will give you an opportunity to learn more about mental health and depression in adolescents, and prepare you for any discussion at home. We will also review the materials that your child will be learning about in the classroom. You can view this free workshop here:

Family Workshop: Depression & Suicide

On-Demand Virtual Workshop

English YouTube

Spanish YouTube

These fact-based, student friendly and hopeful programs promote the messages we need our students to hear - Everyone deserves to have good mental health, depression is common and can be serious, but there is hope and help. You are not alone.

Our school wants all of our students to be healthy, both physically and mentally. We encourage students to take control of their mental health and learn how to seek help for themselves or a friend if needed. One of the biggest challenges to mental health is teen depression, a very common, yet widely overlooked mood disorder that will impact 15–20% of young people before they reach adulthood. It is also a risk factor to suicide.

We look forward to working together to better inform students of important issues, like depression, and provide the tools students need to navigate challenging times.

All these programs are donor-funded and no-cost to schools like ours. For more information on this program, please visit For any questions, please reach out to Angela René Brown, the school social worker at 630-552-3608, ext. 7407.

Suicide & Crisis Helpline: Dial 988

Available 24-hours in English and Spanish

Monday - February 20th - NO SCHOOL


Tuesday - February 21st - Pancake Day

"Breakfast is everything. The beginning, the first ting. It is the mouthful that is the commitment to a new day, a continuing life." - A. A. Gil



Practice 3:15-5pm


AWAY GAME @ Bolingbrook Brooks 4:30pm







Meeting 3:15-4pm

Wednesday - February 22nd - Supermarket Employee Day

"Anyone who believes the competitive spirit in America is dead has never been in a super market when the cashier opens another check-out line." - Ann Landers



Practice 3:15-5pm


Practice 3:15-4:45pm






Thursday - February 23rd - Toast Day

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary, is that little extra." - Jimmy Johnson



Practice 3:15-5pm


Team Meet 3:15-4:45pm





7th Grade Team 3:15-4pm


Friday - February 24th - Skip the Straw Day

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it." - Robert Swan



Practice 3:15-5pm


Practice 3:15-4:45




March 17th - Early Dismissal 11:20am

March 27th - Spring Break

April 3rd - Classes resume after Spring Break

April 7th - Spring Holiday

April 10th - Classes resume after Spring Holiday

April 28th - Early Dismissal

Informational Reminders

How and Where do I check my students Grades?

Schoology is used as our active gradebook. To check your student's grades on a daily or weekly basis make sure you have an active Schoology account and have access to see your student's classes, assignments and grades. PowerSchool gradebook is updated for mid term and end of term grade reporting, but it is not the go to to check in on daily progress. If you do not have a Schoology account see the links below to set one up. When setting up your account if you need an access code please email your students Advisory teacher for the code or call the main office.

If your student is absent due to illness or other reasons:

To stay up to date with class work, students should check Schoology pages daily to access assignments, lessons, and activities during their absence. Contact teachers directly via email with any questions related to school work.

  • Click here for a listing of all Plano MS Athletic Schedules.
  • Click here for information regarding E-Learning/Inclement Weather Days
  • Parents have you created a Schoology account? here
  • Parents are you receiving email updates with your students grades? here
  • Breakfast and Lunch Menus here
  • Click here for a list of Food Pantries