Mental Health Minute

April Edition

Community Wellness Night

Spring days are here, bringing more sunshine, warmth, and our biggest wellness event of the year -- Community Wellness Night! Please join us this Thursday, April 4th at Estes Park High School. This event is open to all ages and individuals: students, parents/guardians, teachers/staff, and community members. We will have sessions on everything from parenting elementary aged school children, to learning about vaping and e-cigarette products, to planning your medical advance directive documents. Resource fair and food provided starting at 5 pm. Keynote speaker at 6 pm. Breakouts at 7 pm and 8 pm. See flier for further details. Hope to see you!
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Increased Mental Health Needs -- Is there a Silver Lining?

More adolescents are experiencing mental health disorders at an increasing rate. Yet, many report feeling like they are not struggling alone. Are our teens struggles making them more empathetic and understanding?

A New Sign That Teens Know They Aren’t Struggling Alone

Technology Resources

Struggling limiting screen time with your teen? Wondering when most kids are getting their first smartphone? Here are some resources for you:

Our Family’s Smartphone Rules: No Tech in the Bedroom

Parents, Teenagers and Technology: Taking Control Of Tech

When and How to Introduce Your Child’s First Smartphone


Active April 2019

This Active April Action Calendar has daily suggested actions to do throughout April 2019 to help you stay active and give your mind & body a boost.

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Spring into Self-Care by the Lifespan Blog Team

Spring has sprung, which means shedding your winter layers, and hopefully, enjoying warmer temperatures. It is also an opportunity to pay more attention to your own well-being. With these top tips for self-care, you will feel energized, rejuvenated, and ready to start summer anew. (Full article available here:

  • Care for your skin: If the winter chill has left your skin dry and cracked, make this the time to nourish your body’s largest organ. For lasting relief, try a moisturizer with ceramides, lipids found naturally in the skin.

  • Get moving: Cabin fever can run rampant this time of year. If the weather cooperates, immerse yourself in nature by going on a hike through the budding forest. Make an effort to take in the natural smells, sounds, and sights of the outdoors. Studies show that spending time in nature can provide a big mental health boost. If the weather is too wet, try indoor yoga or stretching.

  • Indulge yourself: Treat yourself to a simple pleasure. Taking a hot Epsom salt bath, getting a massage, eating a healthy snack, or even putting on a favorite movie can put your mind at ease.

  • Meditate: Being present can boost your mental wellness. To get started, sit comfortably and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth five times. Try to clear your mind and focus on breathing from your belly instead of your upper diaphragm. Learn more here.

  • Declutter: Sort through old clothes, documents, and other items you can live without and donate them. To make this a more dramatic, lasting change, purge your home of unnecessary items in a single weekend. A large, sudden change can have lasting effects and will leave you feeling brand new.

  • Learn a new skill: Try a few new recipes, consider learning a new language, or sample some different hobbies. Give yourself time to stick to your new experiences. After all, many agree that it takes at least 21 days to form a new habit.

  • Volunteer: Those who regularly spend time helping others are often happier themselves. Find a local cause that matters to you and commit to it.

  • Tune up your finances: Use spring as a time to revisit your family’s budget. Keeping track of your spending habits or planning a financial comeback now can help you put your mind at ease when you lack the time or mental energy later.

  • Re-plan your typical day: If a typical day is too hectic as it is, consider cutting out certain tasks. Although it may seem harsh, saying “no” more often can help free up time and cut stress from your life.

  • Hack your schedule: To make work days less stressful, try “meal prepping.” Cooking and freezing meals in advance is an easy way to stay healthy when a long day has drained your energy to cook.

Hannah Heckerson, M.ed, NCC, LPCC - Mental Health Clinician

I am a professional that believes in the empowerment of youth to create meaningful change in this world. The majority of my time is serving Estes students (and families) through direct service, case collaboration, and case management. I support staff through education, consultation, and resource referrals. I also work with community providers for wrap-around support for individual cases, community events, group offerings, and mental health crisis preparation.