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Height Increase Insoles - one of the 7 Ways to Increase Height

He was flanked by workers no taller than him - leading to accusations of the set up when diminutive French leader Nicolas Sarkozy conducted a discussion at a factory.

At 5feet 5in (165cm) Nicolas Sarkozy is simply an 2.5ins shorter than the average French man, though his height is frequently talked about. Now aides to the French president are accused of searching for only brief individuals to make their manager seem taller.

One told Belgian TV she had been selected purely because her small stature wouldn't lead to the president appear short.

But the Elysee Palace dismissed the claims as "illogical and grotesque".

Yet Mr Sarkozy may not be the first guy to attempt to seem taller. So do you understand the common procedures that short men and women utilise to further improve their height?

1. Use height increase insoles. Evidently you don't need to be brief to take advantage of height increase insoles. Sir Cliff Richard confessed using height increase insole to further improve his 5ft 10in (178cm) framework during performance, to match his tall dancers. And Sir Mick Jagger, who stands shoulder to shoulder with Sir Cliff on height, if not sexual politics, has used elevated Nike trainers on the red carpet to prove to-be nearer to his 6ft 2in (188cm) girlfriend.

2. Try a footstool. Mr Sarkozy's people may be rebuffing claims he surrounds himself with shorter persons, but there is no denying the president's use of a footstool at the D-Day anniversary this season. Talking from the same lectern as Prime Minister Gordon Brown (5ft 11ins) and President Barack Obama (6ft 1in), he stood on a box to give his speech.

3. Other than good site, you can use increase shoes, for an additional favorable rise. It isn't the kind of boots that comes in a High Street shoe shop, but there are lots of choices available on the net, giving a height increase of anywhere between five and two inches. Instead of showing a large, chunky heel, the footwear conceals the lift it offers inside the shoe - making for a "discreet" means to grow immediately taller. However the deception comes at a price to the wearer - Graff likens the encounter to wearing a pair of stilettos.

4. Fashion method. Fashion is regulated by principles and dressing to provide the illusion of a few additional inches is no different. The important points consist of wearing one colour head-to - toe and avoiding turnups as they contain the result of shortening the period of the leg, reported by the Style Directions internet site. At the top of that, try well-fitted apparel as poor fitting ones can emphasise width which often lowers the perception of height.

5. Locate an individual who's willing to compromise. Love is a two-way street, which presumably explains why Rod Stewart's partner Penny Lancaster, 6ft 1in, reportedly steps off the kerb for pr as well as paparazzi photos shots, so she does not tower over her husband, who is 5ft 8ins.

6. When choosing a partner understand your constraint. "When you are a teen, you learn rather fast that in the event you are 5ft 2ins you cannot date a girl more than 5ft 6, " says Mr Graff. "Even if you do not think that it seems ridiculous, passers-by do.

" 7. Clever editing. Pedestals are likely to be deployed in Hollywood, specially for actors who have the looks even though they do not have an outstanding stature.