Ancient Egyptian Games


Senet is a two player board game, played by Pharaohs and servants alike. Simple, easy to play and it is also very easy to make a board and pieces.


-Each player has a different colour or shape

-The players take turns

-Toss the sticks and the ones that land upwards count as one

-If you toss a one, four or six you get an extra turn

-You move by starting at the top left then move horizontally, down, horizontally and so on

-You can't land on your own piece

-If you land on another coloured piece it gets switched to your colour

-You can't switch if the other team's colour is next to another of the same

- Some of the patterned squares are good squares that boost you forward

-Some of the patterned squares are bad squares and move you backwards

-The first player to get all his squares of the board wins