Digital Citizenship Project

Wyatt W. Period 2

Top 7 Digital Citizenship Rules.

1.Be respectful online

2.DON'T share your personal information to someone you don't know.

3.Only invite friends you know for an event.

4.Don't use your real name for your username on websites.

5.Don't tell something online if you wouldn't say it in person.

6.Don't copy someone else's work if you do tell where you sited it from and give credit to them.

7.Copyright is very serious and if you don't follow the rules of it you can get sued and pay a lot of money.

Digital Etiquette

THINK: before you post: True? Helpful? Inspirational? Necessary? Kind?
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Information Pravacy

It's YOUR'S! Don't give your personal information in random websites that pop up with you won a MILLION dollars its just a scam for you personal information.
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Social Networking

If your throwing a party or something and you invite only people you know if you are getting people from social websites.
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Online Safety

If you are playing a game that requires a username DON'T use your real name use something completely different from your name.

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is bullying but with technology. It can include emails, texting, and videos-


Plagiarism is copying someone work with out saying you did. It can cost you a lot if you copied a essay from google.


Copyright is the rules you can do with some things like, pictures there is icons that say what you can do with that picture.