Warrior Wednesdays

September 28, 2022 - No. 4

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the Golden Rule

I was sitting at the airport Sunday morning around 9:30 a.m. waiting to return to Love Field when I hear this deep and loud voice bellowing "outgoing trash - outgoing trash". Picture a ballpark vendor yelling "peanuts - get your peanuts" and you will know what he sounded like.

About 30 seconds later, I see the gentleman from whom this voice is coming. He is pushing a large trash can, wearing a bright yellow vest and smiling. He makes his way to gate A14, my gate, where people quickly begin to pick up the trash they had been holding onto from breakfast and throwing it away in his trash can with a smile. He doesn't have to say, 'hey you - pick that up and make sure it gets into a trash can'. He was very well received, even when he told a young man behind me, "you may have to get up bro" as the youngster was stretching to reach him.

As I watched during these two minutes, not one single person got mad that someone was telling them what to do and everyone very quickly complied with smiles on their faces. In this day and age, that is very surprising considering people are quick to become defensive and judgmental.

The lesson I knew this gentleman working at the airport had been taught was to treat people the way you would like to be treated. In addition, I think he knows that making connections are also important. This man made a quick connection with strangers and garnered compliance by the way he marketed and delivered his message. Finally, I am sure many of you have also heard the saying 'you will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar'. This employee had also taken this message to heart.

I think we can all take a tip from this man - be kind and treat others as you would like to be treated or as you would like your family to be treated!


And P.S. - spread joy as you perform your work!!

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Bailey Inglish Prepares Meal for the Reboot Program

Last Thursday, Mrs. Kennedy prepared a meal for participants of the Reboot Program. The Reboot Program assists military veterans as they work through PTSD. The program is hosted by the Solid Rock Church.

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Central Office September Service Project

Central Office staff worked crosswalk duties at I.W. Evans on both Center St. and Main St. and at L.H. Rather on Main St. the past two weeks in order to give campus staff a break from their morning or afternoon duty.

It is a good reminder of all the duties that must take place in order to keep our students SAFE while getting to and leaving school.

Crosswalk Duties

BHS jv and varsity boys both win 1st place at Linsdsey Cross Country Meet

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BHS Students Prepping for future jobs

BHS Building Futures STEAM
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Human Resources Appreciation Day - Friday, September 23rd

We honored Brandy Godbey for the excellent service she provides principals and directors as they are working through the hiring process. She is also an invaluable resource to our new hires and existing staff. Brandy answers all questions with a smile on her face and in her voice. She is helpful and seeks out answers. Brandy is definitely an asset to our District!

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walk 4 hope event - Saturday, October 1

Walk 4 Hope is taking the place of the Out of the Darkness Walk. The new event will have the same 'feel', but the exciting news is that all proceeds raised will now stay in Fannin County to help our residents with mental health needs and suicide prevention.

BONHAM ISD HAS FORMED A TEAM - you can submit a free registration and walk or you can donate money for the walk.

To sign up to walk with our Bonham ISD Staff team go to

https://raceroster.com/registration/d0eea964-49b6-4fb2-8441-504254764dd4/entry?team=435468 . At the end of the registration page, you will see you registered for team Bonham ISD Staff.

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Bailey Inglish, L.H. Rather and BHS teachers and instructional aides will participate in this training session.

Finley-Oates and I.W. Evans staff will be participating in parent-teacher conferences and will attend the TBRI training in January.

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great days of service, Saturday, October 15

Bonham ISD will once again organize the Canned Food Drive at the campus from October 3 - 13. Stay tuned for more information from your campus principal.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 15th at 9:00 if you would like to help sort and/or deliver the donated food. Please register at http://gdsbonham.org/home/ .

All food will stay to help those in need here in Fannin County.

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Informational Bond Videos

Mr. Roberts (BISD Board President) and I are making weekly videos to share information about the Bonham ISD Bond Election to be held November 8th.

Below are the first two videos.

BISD Bond Talk Vol 1
Bond Update Volume 2
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BHS CC Meet @ Lindsey; 8:00

LHR CC Meet @ Lindsey; 4:00


LHR FB @ Mt. Vernon; 4:30

BHS JV FB @ Home; 5:30

Bonham ISD Bond Town Hall @ Bailey Inglish; 6:00


BHS Pep Rally; 11:00

BHS VB (V, JV2, JV) @ Home; 4:30

BHS VAR FB @ Mt. Vernon; 7:30


BHS Marching Band Contest @ Aubrey

Fannin Walk 4 Hope @ Legacy Ridge Golf Course; 9:00


LHR VB @ Home; 5:00


BHS VB (JV2, JV, V) @ Blue Ridge; 5:00

Bonham ISD Bond Town Hall @ Finley-Oates; 5:30


Accounts Payable Appreciation Day

LHR Pep Rally; 2:00

LHR FB @ Home; 4:30

BHS JB FB @ Pottsboro; 5:30


Student and staff HOLIDAY - NO school

BHS VB (V, JV2,/JV) @ Home; 4:30

BHS FB @ Home; 7:30

💡 Words of Wisdom 💡

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