Deconstructing Media : WWII Posters

Robert DeRussy | Social Studies 6A | November 2013

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Media Consumer's Toolkit

Who is the producer of the medium?

The producer of the medium is the U.S. army.

What is the message?

The army wants to inform people to that we are winning the war.

What is the purpose of the medium (to persuade, entertain, and/or inform)?

The purpose of the medium is to persuade.

Who is the target audience?

The target audience is young adults.

What is your emotional reaction to the image?

My emotional reaction is pride in America

How might others view the message differently?

Others might view the message differently by not giving metal so they can not be responsible for peoples death.

What is left out of the message?

Why we should give metal.

What techniques did the media producer use to convey the message?

The producer uses color it helped give a message by showing the color of the uniforms shows it was meant for Americans.

Image Citation

Stoops, Herbert Morton. Back 'em up with more metal.. [Washington, D.C.]. UNT Digital Library. Accessed November 8, 2013.