1st Grade at Bear Creek Elementay

Week 29: April 26-30, 2021

Happy Monday Families!

A change has been made for all virtual learners Special Area schedule. Pictured below is the new schedule all virtual learners need to follow. This can also be found on your students homeroom Blend Page. A picture of our classroom schedule can also be found below.

Wednesday 4/28/2021 is ARCADE DAY! If possible, we would like all of our students to make an arcade game out of cardboard, foil, anything you can find at your home. Games will be shown/played during our Big Ideas block. It'll be lots of fun! :) Please see the video link "Cane's Arcade" below our announcements for some ideas!

Our learning goals for this week:


- I can represent a number in various ways.
- I can determine 10 more or 10 less than a given number.
- I can use a model or number lines to order numbers.


- I can read words with vowel pair digraph oo making the sound /oo/ as in book and words with final stable syllable consonant + le
- I can spell words with the /oo/ sound in book using vowel pair digraph oo.
- I can blend and segment sounds of words.
- I can read and write high frequency words: been, heard, hurry, learn, loved, often, study, world
- I can identify commas in writing.

Big Ideas:

- I can explain what a job is and what income is.
- I can describe the difference between goods and services.
- I can discuss how spending and saving money are both important.

Cub Hugs,

- The First Grade Team

Miss Barbosa: monica.barbosa@austinisd.org

Mrs. Preston: karen.preston@austinisd.org

Big picture
Big picture