The Weekly Grind in Cafe 226

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Sunday, June 5th 2016

Important Reminders and Updates!

1. Monday, June 6th - Yearbooks distributed! :)

2. Monday, June 6th - Maturation Unit in the afternoon.

2. Wednesday, June 8th is a normal start time day. We also have family circles and field day that day!

Math - Unit 8: Measurement and Geometry

Topics we plan to cover this week include:

-Attributes of 2-D shapes

-Reviewing conversions

-Review for Unit 8 test

-Test on Thursday of Friday

**Please remember that topics are subject to change depending on the pace at which we master each new concept.

Reading - "Bud, Not Buddy"

We have started reading "Bud, Not Buddy" as our class read aloud since historical fiction has become such a popular genre with our class. Soon we will also start reading "My Brother's Secret" which is another WWII historical fiction novel.

**Instead of weekly reading letters, students will now have specific prompts to respond to each week. Students should still be turning in their reading notebooks each week on their specific day.

Writing - Literary Essay

We're back at it this week! We will be finishing up our literary essays drafts by working on conclusions, as well as revising and peer editing. Students should be ready to start publishing by the beginning of next week!!