come to French Guiana!

Fiona Weatherby

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Some History!

Capital? Cayenne

Cities to visit? Kourou, Îles du Salut, Cacao, & Oiapoque

Controlled by another country? Yes, France. Did it gain independence? No, it is still a part of France.

Official Language? French

Leader? Francois Hollande (The French president) and Roldolphe Alexandre (The French Guianan president)

Currency? Euro (€)

Economic system? Capitalist

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Why to Travel Here

The prison on Îles du Salut once held 70,000 French inmates and is now open for tours.

The wildlife in French Guiana is some of the rarest and is home to many species of birds, monkeys, and other animals!!

The beaches are amazing and clean and the water is fresh! There are many beautiful springs/watering holes to swim in!

Physical Features and Location


French Guiana is part of the EU, since it is controlled by France

80,000 people died in the French penal colonies on Devil's island

The European Space Center is located in Kourou

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