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Homelessness is growing problem. More and more people are becoming homeless every year. Every year at least 200,000 Canadians experience homelessness. There are at least 5,000 homeless people in Ontario.Let's change that number! Everyone deserves a home.

-around 47% of the homeless are single adult males age 25-55

- youth age 16-24 make up about 20%

- more and more aboriginal people become homeless as people/cities head north and west

In my flyer I wrote about the City of Toronto and not Richmond Hill because there's a lot more information about the homeless in Toronto.

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This is a graph showing the average number of months shelter users were homeless.

In Ontario shelter users are normally homeless for around 40 months. That's about 3 years!

People just like us become homeless because of ...

  • loss of job
  • mental illness
  • addictions
  • family violence
  • abuse
  • extreme poverty
  • changes in econmy and housing market
  • not much affordable housing
This is a graph showing what factors can cause homelessness. The largest cause of homelessness is alcohol and drug addictions.
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Perspectives on Homelessness

My perspective: I think that everyone should have a home, food, and medical care no matter what their age, race or gender is. Everyone should be able to afford the things they need. Homelessness is a pretty big problem because every time I go downtown I see at least one homeless person. I really think that the government should try to at least decrease the number of homeless people.

People who don't think homelessness is a big problem: The following answers are based on answers that I found on Yahoo answers. " Homeless people are just lazy people that beg people for money so that they can go buy some cigarettes and alcohol." " Why can't they just get a job? "

People who think homelessness is a problem: The following answers are based off of answers that I found on Yahoo answers. " I feel sorry for the homeless. Especially, ones with mental illness. It's a sad story." "40% of the homeless are people that used to work in the military (veterans). The risked their lives for others and the government doesn't care!" " If I see someone who is homeless I don't give them money, I buy them food. "

The Homeless Hub: We believe that research can and should contribute to solutions to homelessness.

What the 3 Levels of Government are Doing

What the Canadian Government is Doing:

  • the government is using a housing first strategy to the problem of homelessness in Canada

What the Ontario Government is Doing:

  • $251,000,000 every year is given to the Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative (see link below for more)
  • $16,000,000 is given to build 1,000 new supportive houses for people with addictions

    To learn more go to http://www.mah.gov.on.ca/Page9183.aspx

What The City of Toronto is Doing:

What the 3 Levels of Government Could Do

The Canadian Government could:

  • Give money to each of the provinces and territories so that the provincial or territorial government can decide on how they want to use that money to help the homeless
  • Look into the problem of homelessness and realize how big of a problem it really is
  • Help build more shelters
  • Create a Help The Homeless day where everyone can participate and help the homeless
  • Do something to try and prevent addictions even more
  • Lower prices on necessary items and increase the prices of cigarettes, alcohol, etc.
The Ontario Government could:
  • Lower prices so necessary things (food, housing, clothing, etc. ) are more affordable for everyone
  • Spend more money on trying to help the homeless
  • Donate more money to shelters and organizations
The Municipal Government of Toronto could:
  • Lower the prices of housing
  • help build more shelters
  • give more money to organizations

I would send a persuasive letter to each of the levels of government telling them what they could do. I would also hold a fundraiser to raise money for an

What Can I Do?

  • Volunteer your time at a food bank or shelter
  • Donate food, clothes or money to shelters and food banks
  • If you see a homeless person don't ignore them give them some change
Just because someone is homeless doesn't mean they chose to live like that.

What Your Community Can Do

- Volunteer as a large group at a shelter or food bank

- Hold a fundraiser to raise money for the homeless

- Have a food, clothes and/or money (donations) drive

Organizations and Shelters Helping the Homeless

Covenant House Toronto

YWCA Toronto

  • The YWCA is for homeless women 16 years and older
  • Some of the things they provide are shelter, housing, job employment programs, counselling, support and much more
  • To learn more and to donate go to https://www.ywcatoronto.org/

The Salvation Army

  • The Salvation Army offers practical assistance to families and children, shelter for the homeless and rehabilitation for people who have lost control of there lives because of addiction
  • The Salvation Army is not a government organization
  • Here is a link to The Salvation Army's current advertising http://www.salvationarmy.ca/advertising/
  • To donate and to learn more go to http://www.salvationarmy.ca/
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This is a circle/pie graph that I made on paint. It shows the number of people that do and don't use a homeless shelter.

Facts on Homelessness

  • At least 200, 000 Canadians experience homelessness
  • 150,000 Canadians use a homeless shelter in a year
  • At least 30,000 are homeless on any night
  • At least 50,000 of the homeless are "Hidden Homeless". That means that they are homeless, but they stay with friends or relatives temporarily
  • Single male adults between the ages of 25-55 make up 47.5% of the homeless
  • Youth ages 16-24 make up 20% of the homeless
  • More and more aboriginal people are becoming homeless as cities move further north and west
  • Between 6,000-22,000 of the homeless in Canada are "episodic homeless". That means that they move in and out of homelessness
Click to watch a video about homelessness and poverty

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Vancouver reduced their number of homeless people by 66% ! Why can't Toronto do that?


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