By: Connie, Angela, Lovette


Cenralized by a dictator and a capitalist economy with strict government controls, violent suppression of opposers, and generally hostile nationalism and racism.

  • Started in Italy by Mussolini (image below)
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  • Promotes patriotism (media is controlled and propaganda is used)
  • Enhances security (military growth)
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  • Inequality (due to prejudice)
  • No freedom (eg. No freedom of speech, lack of privacy, persecution)

The image below says " The blame for the war". This is from Nazi Germany's anti-semitism propaganda.

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Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler

  • Removed potential sources of opposition and persecuted opposers
  • Controlled media
  • Brought Germany out of depression, provided/created jobs, grew army
  • Racism, anti-semitism and discrimination against any minority groups
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