Battle of the Bulge

By: Mason Lonborg, Anderson Kim


In an attempt for the Germans to drive deeper into the Ardennes to secure vital bridgeheads, the Allied line took on the appearance of a large bulge, giving rise to the battle’s name. Lieutenant General George S. Patton’s successful maneuvering of the Third Army to Bastogne proved vital to the Allied defense, leading to the neutralization of the German counteroffensive despite heavy casualties.


  • Its objective was to split the Allied armies by means of a surprise blitzkrieg thrust through the Ardennes.
  • American goals were to take over transportation bridges, and major borders.
  • Vital bridgeheads gave good strategic placing against enemies as they pushed them further back towards the Soviet Union.


America, and allied forces were able to destroy Germany's counter-offense. It was a huge turning point in the war, and the final step to get to Berlin. Germany threw everything they had at America, and America ended up prevailing crippling the German army.


American troops were trapped in small towns getting attacked from 360 degrees. Despite heavy casualties of 100,000 men America prevailed due to Germany's lack of resources, and American reinforcements.