French Revolution

Anna Grundyson 2A


October 5,1789 - The women of Paris invaded Versailles. Parisians, led by women, storm Versailles and force the royal family back to Paris. Louis XVI is considered a prisoner in Paris.

Constitution of 1791

1791 - The Constitution of 1791 was adopted. The king had to share power with the Legislative Assembly, but also still had his veto and ability to select ministers. So basically it balanced the kings power.

French vs. Austrians

April 20, 1792 - France declared war on Austria because they were worried Austria would try to re-instate Louis and they wanted to defend their new republic.

Louis Condemned

January 21, 1793 - Louis XVI sentenced to the guillotine. He was tried for treason by the Nation Convention and was condemned to death by a slight majority.

Revolution Ends

1799 - The fall of the Directory yields the end of the French Revolution. The Directory was a body of five "directors" that held executive power in France.