Welcome to Arbonne: Healthy Living

A new, healthier you in just 30 days!

I'm thrilled you're doing the Arbonne Detox! It's changed our bodies and energy levels in such a short amount of time and I have no doubt that it will do the same for you. What I love as much as the products is the comprehensive approach and guidance this detox offers. Once you've had a chance to review these docs please reach out to me so I can answer any questions.

During your detox you'll have access to some pivotal program tools:

1. Healthy Living Plan which contains instructions, recipes, shopping lists, "how to's", etc. It will become your go to guide for the next 30 days and beyond! Find this and other docs in the google docs link below. Print them out and place it in your kitchen. You will also receive a similar guide with your products so you can wait for that instead of printing this one if you choose. You'll refer to it often in the next 30 days. Below please find a few other essential docs including recipes, a food journal, shopping list, etc in the link below. There are also instructions on how to re-order but am happy to do it for you when the time comes.

2. Facebook: We have a private FB group called "Healthy Living and Beyond" where cleansers exchange info, share tips and post recipes. If you're on Facebook I can add you to the group once we are friends. Take a few moments to check it out and become acquainted with all the information it provides. When you post, remember to tag me so I can respond quickly.

3. Coaching: I will be your coach and help guide you through the program, telling you what I did to reach and maintain the lasting health benefits from this detox. Take some time to review the documents and get familiar with the philosophy of the Healthy Living Program. We'll have recorded calls you can access for each week of the detox. They can be found on the healthy living FB page. When questions arise please don't hesitate to call/text or email me. I expect to be hearing from you a bunch!

Thanks so much for your order! Your receipt will be emailed directly to you from Arbonne and your products should arrive within 3 to 7 business days.

All my best,