Dress Codes

By: Konner Wocel

Dress Codes I follow

First dress code that i follow is a causal dress code.

Second dress code that I follow is street-wear causal dress code.

Third dress code that I follow is a smart causal dress code.

Dress Codes I don't agree with

I don't agree with prom's shoe dress code. I don't agree with it because I would like to were a comfortable pare of shoes that I think are nice.

I don't agree that your should have to be super dress up to have to go to prom.I don't agree with this because people many not be able to rent a dress or suits.

I don't agree with formal night on cruse ships because you have to where some type of button up shirt or some type of dress.

Dress code I think places should implemented

I think they should put a day in school here people can get dressed up.

The school should also not be so strict when it comes to someone wearing cloths.

A dress code that should be implemented everywhere should be people wearing some type of shoe to protect there foot from something on the ground.