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Newsletter for the week of May 2nd!

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FUN RUN on May 6th!

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Hello 2nd Grade Families!

It has been so fun seeing the enthusiasm the children have for our Fun Run. They are thrilled to be climbing the "Pledge-O-Meter" chart!!! There is even more excitement about the prospect of getting new playground equipment for our school!!!

Here are a few fun bits of information I thought you would find interesting:

  • Our class has 20 students registered so far out of 21!
  • 52 sponsors have pledged to our class, for a total of $1,498.00 so far just from our class! That's Amazing!!
  • Our class amount per lap is at $49.9!
  • Our class has received donations from 13 different states so far!
  • As a school we have received pledges from ALL 50 states and 3 countries. WE REACHED OUR SCHOOL GOAL!!
  • Our school has reached our $30,000 goal so now we are 90% away from $40,000!!!

Just a reminder you DO NOT have to get a HUGE donation you could simply give .05 per lap or $2.00 donation. Every little bit helps us achieve our goal of getting a new playground equipment!

Below is more information about how to make a pledge.

Have an awesome week!

Miss Herrera

PS - Make sure to register your child on http://funrun.com He or she will receive a FREE GIFT just for being signed up. Use our school registration code: 174798

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Below is a Schedule of all the Daily Activities for the Fun Run!

Our Team Name- Wild Record Breakers #HerrerasHerd

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Time and Temperature

We have begun our Time and Temperature Unit and we will begin by reviewing time to the five minutes, telling time before and after the hour, and estimating time. We will learn about a quarter past, half past, and quarter to as they read a clock. The temperature part of our unit we will discuss Fahrenheit and Celsius. This is a shorter unit and plan on testing on Friday of this week!

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Story of the Week

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Phonics List

  1. midlife
  2. nonfiction
  3. misplace
  4. midday
  5. microphone
  6. misplay
  7. microscope
  8. nonstop
  9. misprint
  10. mistake
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Transporting Goods

We have wrapped up our goods and services unit on Friday. We have started to now discussing how goods are transported from place to place. Whether it be trucks, airplanes, trains, or boats.
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There is a speed drill this week that went home Monday! There will be math homework Monday and Wednesday! Be sure to practice phonics list nightly and share the joy of reading with your child by reading with them!

Have a great week!