The Taiga


In the taiga, summers are warm and rainy, and the winters are very cold. There is lots of snow in the forests, too. During the summer, it is usually around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter, the high temperature averages around 30 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas the low temperature is 65 degrees BELOW zero!

Human influences

The Deforestatation in the taiga Takes away habitats away from animals such as squirells. This is ocuring mostly in canada and slightly in russia. This affects the soil to so over time less trees will grow. To stop this we need to stop cutting down trees and protect the species of the


The taiga gets more precipation the the desert and tundra, the same amount as the grasslands, but less than the rainforest and temperate deciducus forest.

Beavers tails allow them to swim faster


The orchids color atracts polinators.The way ferns grow make a sheild around them.Beavers tails allow them to swim faster.The wolf is lean so it is fast enough to catch its prey.Bears have claws to grab fish.