LED Lights

By: Avery.H,Tanmayi.A,Tristen.L

The Reasoning

West uses Incandescents which uses a lot more energy, money, and it doesn't last as long. If West had LED lights we would be using less money, energy, and it last longer, plus we wouldn't need as many light bulbs because LED light are much brighter than any other light bulb. If a teacher really wanted to make their classroom exciting they could use colorful LED lights! They might cost a little bit more money, but since we won't need as many and it last longer as people have said that they save up to 295.74 dollars a year!


If we were to put in LED lights the changes we would need to make would be: we would have to put in the LED lights,and dispose of the other. Plus we would not need as many lights so we would probably have to take out some of the light covers.

Facts, data and sources that support our proposed change are...

Facts, data and sources that support our proposed change are…

1.LED lights can be expensive, but in the long run, if you want 50,000 hours of light for example, they cost way less than regular light bulbs.

2. LED means Light Emitting Diodes.

3.LED’s are safe because they don’t have any Mercury, which is a dangerous toxin.

4.You save an average of $295.74 a year.

5.LED lights use 75% less energy than incandescents.

6.LED lights are very durable and have no breakable glass or filaments.

7.They can also be very colorful and bright.

8.It would take ten years with a LED light to pay the same amount of money the a Incandescent light would cost for just ONE year.

The Cost

LED lights might be expensive, but we would save much more money since we won't need as many bulbs. LED lights cost $35.95 but we would save $295.74 because they last for so long.

How to get Money for the Lights

What we could do to save money is we could have a couple of fundraisers, we could get some sponsors, and we could have people donate money to the school.

Our Jobs

Avery: the Smore creator

Tanmayi: the Editor

Tristen: the Media Desighner


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