The Metric System

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The International System of Measurment

There are seven base units for seven base quantities, Length (meters), Mass (grams), Time (seconds), Electric current (ampere), Thermodynamic (kelvin), Amount of substance (mole), Luminous intensity (candela).

How do I find length in the metric system?

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Length in the Metric System!

As you probably assumed length is measured in different units than we are used to. Normally when we measure things we use feet and inches to say what the length is. With the metric system the units you measure in are meters. Within one meter you have 10 centimeters and 1000 millimeters just how in one foot you have 12 inches. There are many prefixes in the metric system that can be placed in front of Meter making the units larger or smaller.


1st thing is to put the ones that have feet into all inches because it will make it easier to work with after we find answers we can add in prefixes.

2nd find out how many centimeters are in an inch since that is what we are working with.

3rd put everything into an equation to solve.

We did an example out for you using the car measurement so we will have you complete the math for the cat and hot dog.

Class activity: Solve for the measurements

Our Bibliography

The only resource we used is the packet Ms. Gallagher gave us at the beginning of the project.


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