Edmond Doyle News


Happy Halloween!! Please have a fun and safe evening in the rain!! Everyone be extra careful while having a great time!

Our Fall Reading Carnival is coming up and we need your help! We had lots of fun last year and we are looking forward to another great time. Here is a list of things we will need!

  • We will be making grade baskets to auction.
  • First grade needs anything for a movie basket.
  • Second grade needs anything for a hunting/outdoor basket
  • Third grade needs gift cards to anywhere you'd like
  • Fourth grade needs games for a game night basket

  • We will need 2 liter bottles of pop for a ring toss
  • We need large candy bars for our candy bar/book walk-we have already had books donated by the Storybook Exchange--thanks so very much!

The cost of the carnival will be $5.00 per child. Food will be extra. We will have chili, frito chili pie, and hotdogs.

Everyone that made their AR goals had a fun time at Mullins Park and everyone that made their extra AR goals had fun at McDonalds. Please encourage your child to read daily and take AR tests. The more they read--the better they become at reading. Being a great reader is a huge step in being a successful student. Thanks for your help!

We will set our clocks back 1 hour on Sunday, November 4th at 2:00 a.m. Please make sure to set your clocks so you will be on time for school Monday. We have been having a lot of students come to school late. Every 3 tardies = 1 absence. After 5 tardies, students are suppose to go to academic detention. When children come to school late-they feel behind all day. If getting to school on time is a problem for you, PLEASE, set your clocks earlier so you can get here on time. If there is anything we can do to help you with this---let us know!!

Mrs. King's Class won the Boxtop contest! We gathered about $70.00 this time. We will start a new contest tomorrow. May the best collectors of Boxtops win!!

We will announce the winners of the chocolate sales soon!! Thanks to everyone to that participated!!!

Upcoming Events:

November 8th-Reading Carnival

November 9th-Picture Retakes

November 9th-Veteran's Day Program-1:30p.m.

November 15th-1st and 2nd grade Thanksgiving Lunch-$4.00 for adults/$2.00 for children

November 16th-3rd and 4th grade Thanksgiving Lunch-$4.00 for adults/$2.00 for children


November 29th- 3rd grade field trip to Chickasaw Cultural Center

December 3rd-7th-Hour of Code

December 5th-Christmas Program Rehearsal-12:30-2:30 p.m.

December 11th-Christmas Program Rehearsal 8:30-10:30a.m.

December 11th-Christmas Program-6:30p.m.

December 17th-Farm to You

December 19th-Christmas movie-a.m./Christmas Party-1:00p.m.

December 20th-January 2nd-CHRISTMAS BREAK