Room 153

3rd Grade - Oaklawn Elementary - 2015/2016

September - the month of assessment and routines

What do we do in third grade? Well, after a busy few weeks of assessing reading, writing and math abilities, students are finally sampling the beginning themes of the year.

During literacy or the Daily Five, we read Officer Buckle and Gloria. Students learned new vocabulary, answered comprehension questions and reviewed key safety tips to keep them safe both at school and home. Students also practiced their spelling strategies with their personal "sort" words based on the Words Their Way assessment.

During math, we are using Eureka math as our curriculum. This is the parent support link that will be very helpful throughout our math journey. Properties of Multiplication and Division and Solving Problems with 2-5 and 10. How you can help at home: • Have your student set out groups of small objects in arrays (equal groups in rows and columns) and write the accompanying multiplication equation • Encourage your student to practice multiplication facts for 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, and 10s until they know them fluently. Students practice as a whole group, work with small groups solving and presenting word problem solutions and play games with partners.

During science, we are exploring rocks and minerals. Students are exploring rocks, minerals and soil with hands on experiments. They brought in samples from home and explored rock properties. Students in third grade need to understand the three types of rocks (igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary) and the rock cycle. They need to also understand the Earth's profile, weather and erosion.

Finally, students are learning cursive letters starting with the lower case and eventually moving on to upper case and whole words. They are anxious to write their names and can practice daily on their newly learned skills.

During the Daily Five, students are immersed in literacy activities. They:

  • Read to Self

  • Listen to Reading

  • Read to Someone

  • Work on Writing

  • Word Work

During the Daily Five, I am focused on watching students immersed in literacy activities. I:

  • Monitor their progress

  • Check their "I Pick" book selections

  • Listen for fluency

  • Watch their shared reading behaviors

  • Model reading and writing strategies

  • Conference with students when they finish a book

During Social Studies, we will have a guest resident artist, Melissa Kneeland, working on theatrical techniques to bring our American history unit to life.

Brain Breaks - Calming our minds and bodies!

Our focus this year is all about the breath. We will be utilizing mindfullness techniques through the MindUp curriculum. Students will practice 2 - 3 times/daily with focused breathing and GoNoodle videos. Look forward to a more relaxed and calmer child:)