Friday Email

January 8, 2016

Smith Mission

Smith Staff will collaborate to inspire and connect to each child by knowing every name and need to ensure success.

Collective Commmittments

*All kids can learn in different ways and at different times.

*Relationships are vital to the success of students, teachers and families.
*Smith will provide all students with opportunities to experience success.

*All teachers share the responsibility for the needs of all students.

*Smith Elementary provides an enjoyable and engaging learning environment.
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Sheri Nellis - Way to go Sheri! She tried out the 4 minutes and 33 seconds of quiet reflection with her kindergarten students! The results were amazing! Ask her about it.

Kim Cashman and Dana Andregg - It was so fun watching a lesson play out that I had seen you both discuss and collaborate on during a Wednesday afternoon professional development. I loved watching you both embrace backwards planning and true collaboration. The students truly benefited from your work in action.

Annie Isom - Thank you, Annie, for greeting your kids with hugs and smiles as they entered the room Thursday morning! You got caught being good and earned a gold star!

Ashlei Funtjar - Ashlei did a great job of killing two birds with one stone. While teaching the reading skill of connecting to a character's feelings, she embedded a social skills for her students. The lesson was seamless and students made their own connections during the lesson!

Tracy Barsch - Thank you for taking the time to help verify our students are in the right programs in PEIMS. Your organization and management is amazing!

Melissa Grubbs - Thank you for opening your home tonight for our Smith family! We all appreciate the hard work and effort you put in. Your home is so beautiful and welcoming for all of our staff.

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Important Dates:

Monday, January 11 - 3:20 ITL Meeting (Corder's Room)

Tuesday, January 12 - 1st Grade CogAT Testing

Wednesday, January 13 - 1st Grade CogAT Testing, 2:00 Drill Day (Lockdown, Fire and Tornado Drills), 3:20 Book Study (see note below)

Thursday, January 14 - 1st Grade CogAT Testing

In the future...

January 28, 29 Diverse Abilities Day

January 28 6:00 pm PTA Meeting/1st Grade Music Performance

Book Study - January 13th 3:20-4:50 pm

Pelias - Library (Simply the Best)

Cheryl - Pod 3 (Fostering Grit)

Corder - Room 106 (Literacy Playbook)

Sibley - Lounge (Teaching Numeracy)

Maas - Conference Room (Results Now)
Norms (Collective Commitments)
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Counselor's Corner

We are kicking off the New Year with a WOOP in our guidance lessons. WOOP is a scientific strategy that people can use to find and fulfill their wishes and change habits..

Wish- What is an important wish that you want to accomplish in the next few weeks? (your wish should be challenging but possible)

Outcome- What would be the best outcome if your with came true? How will you feel?

Obstacle-What is the main obstacle inside you that might prevent you from accomplishing your wish? (be careful not to blame others here)

Plan-If/Then plan. If ______________(obstacle) then I will ________________ (effective action)

I have already been very proud of the students I have met with to do a WOOP. They have really made meaningful and thoughtful goals.

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We wanted to inform you that Frisco ISD will not be allowing Hoverboards on Frisco ISD property. Documented fires have occurred in the use of these devices while charging, as well as during use. Other organizations have also banned their use/presence due to fire risk, including many airlines. If students bring a Hoverboard to campus, the parent will be contacted to pick up the device, as it cannot remain on campus due to the possible risk. This includes all makes and models of Hoverboards. As always, the safety of students and staff is our top priority. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Teamwork - Minions - Despicable Me
Have a wonderful weekend!