From Cows to Footballs

By: Madilyn Marie Lovin


''Touchdown'' Do you ever wonder where your Footballs you use everyday come from, read on to learn more.


Cows are found on a farm and did you know footballs are made of cow hide? Well, guess what they are! Footballs are made of cow hide and pig bladder. footballs are harvested on cows, now they use plastic bladder instead of pig bladder. The cow hide is rolled up to be shipped to the factory.


In the factory, a worker cuts the cow hide with a machine called a dime into four sections. Next they print the logo and other marks on the ball now this is all according to the model. What happens next is a seamstress put stitches on all four sections. The next job is to sew tops and bottoms together, they put the stitches on the inside to be less visible.The next step before the ball is made is to put eight holes on the top to put the laces in. Finally they lace up the balls. Next they overflow the balls and check them, then its a long sad goodbye till the store.


At the store, the footballs are on the shelf. Then people buy to be used at the game a package is opened every game with twenty-four footballs. People throw, catch and run with a football.

Fun Facts

Some fun facts are in 1864 players used round balls like soccer. ancient Greeks played a version they called Harpaston. Footballs used to be played on streets now they are played in stadiums.


Now that you know how footballs are made you can go make a touchdown.
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