8-3 Newsletter

October 10, 2016

What's New?

This coming Friday is our field trip to Kings Bay. Don't forget to send in the permission slips. There is no cost to attend. Students need to bring a sack lunch for that day or they may reserve one from the cafeteria. Telephones or electronics of any kind are not allowed on base so students do not need to bring them to school.

We are very excited to announce that we will be participating in Red Ribbon Week this year! Red Ribbon Week begins 10/24. Below you will find the themes for each day. Please remember all students participating must follow dress code. Hats MUST be worn normally, not sideways or backwards or sit on the top of their heads. There will be no cost to participate.

Monday – Peace out to drugs: students wear peace signs and tie-dye clothing

Tuesday – Too smart to start: students dress up as nerds

Wednesday – Sock it to drugs: students wear their craziest socks

Thursday – Put a cap on drugs: students wear their favorite hat

Friday – Red out day: students wear as much red as they can

Please remember that teachers are available before and after school for student support. Please continue to email us with any concerns and feel free to contact the office if you would like to have a conference.

As always, we need tissues, paper towels, hand sanitizers, etc. Thank you!

Dates to Remember!

10/17 Mock Election

Report Cards go home

10/18 Chess Club field trip after school

10/19 Advisory Groups 7:30-8:15

Tennis vs St. Francis @ home

10/20 Honor Roll Breakfast 8:45-9:15

After School Camps

10/21 Field Trip to Kings Bay

10/24 Jr. Beta Induction (by invitation) 6:00

10/25 Soccer games home 4:00

10/27 Soccer Games home 4:00

10/28 A.R. Celebration (Only 8 people met their goal!)

Here is what is happening in our classes!

Language Arts

This week we are starting our next novel Frankenstein. All the needed information for this novel such as the reading log, the annotation guide, the online PDF, and the audio version is posted in Google Classroom. Students will be expected to read and complete annotations every weeknight, Monday through Friday. They will be completing activities in class to help with their understanding of the novel. The activities that are not completed in class will also be part of their homework. Students will be asked to answer a question about the chapter they read that night every day when they come to class. Those questions will be worth a set number of points and will be a grade in powerschool. We will also be learning about ellipsis and dashes this week with a quiz on them next week.


Happy weekend! Hopefully this one will be calmer than last! Good week in math this week. We have begun algebra so many students are happy with that. We will be continuing with the Rules of Exponents next week. We covered three this week and will cover 4 next week. Students will have an assessment next Thursday on Real numbers and the Rules of exponents. They will be given a homework sheet Monday that will be due Thursday. Please remind them that they cannot wait until Wednesday night and then say they did not do it because they did not understand . The sheet will be only over material we have already covered this year. If they cannot remember how to do it, they are welcome to come in in the morning for extra practice. Have a great weekend.

Georgia Studies

We are studying government this next week. We will have a test on Thursday on materials from Chapter 2. We have our first field trip this Friday. Please help your child remember to bring a sack lunch for that day as we will be away from school. Sack lunches were offered for students that wanted one from the cafeteria. We will be returning to the school approximately 1:00 PM.

Physical Science

Blocks 2-4 will complete the unit on Matter and take the mastery assessment on Thursday. They received a study guide today and we will be using it to review on Tuesday and Wednesday. They will have a quick little quiz over bonding and conservation of matter on Tuesday.

The HS class will continue to work on bonding, naming compounds, and balancing chemical equations. They have a little puzzle project due on Wednesday and will have a bonding quiz on Friday. Their next mastery assessment is 10/27.