the movie







Frozen - Love Is an Open Door (HD)

what its about

-its about how Anna trys to save Elsa

-and also how they meet this snowman named Olaf

-also in the end its about how Elsa saves Anna

my favourite character

My favourite character is Anna because she is so brave and funny but she can also be very serious at times

did you know

did you know that they made 33 mistakes in the movie

they are mistakes that you don't notice

FROZEN - Let It Go Sing-along | Official Disney HD


Elsa is fearless, she does not care what people say. She also does not like people telling her what to do because she can do it for herself.


Olaf really likes warm hugs :) and he is also really funny


Anna will do anything to save her sister, she is also very energetic and funny


Christof just goes with the flow, he will do anything to make someone happy


there is not much to say about Sphen because he's just a reindeer, but he is very funny