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Week of November 9 Newsletter

Multiplication Strategies

As you may have noticed by now your child is learning several different methods of multiplication. We have focused largely on the "partial product" or "area model" of multiplication to help them understand why multiplication works. The traditional method will be introduced later in the year. As of now I really desire for your child to know what multiplication means and why it works. The video below provides a great rationale and examples of the area model.

As we begin to head into division this concept of multiplication can help students see how division is the inverse or opposite of multiplication. Any practice with multiplication facts will give your child a leg up when we get into long division.

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Science Experiment Schedule

11/13: Daniel, Ava

11/20: Kambry, Landon

12/03: Parc, Kendal

12/11: Hayden, Hannah

12/17: John, Connor, Michael

We have learned so much from our Science Experiments so far. Maneli was able to show us a "lava" lamp and how the densities of oil and water differ. We also learned about a chemical reaction. Way to go!

Just a reminder...the Science Fair is held in March where all fourth graders are required to participate. These projects tend to include a variable and multiple trials to analyze the results. The Science Fair also requires a tri-fold board (provided by the school) to help showcase your child's findings.

Open House

Thursday, Nov. 19th, 6-7pm

KHES Classrooms

I look forward to seeing you! We will have lots of great work to show off!


Unit 2 Word list is on Spelling City now. A list will also come home in Tuesday folders as well as be in your child's planner.

Please click on the link below to access this free site. It has several options for practice and also a few games!

Spelling City

Click here for Unit 2 Spelling Practice!

Book Orders

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Yearbook on sale now

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Order before November 20th! Prices go up from November 23rd - Feb. 29th.
We are always in need of Kleenex and Clorox wipes (especially as we head into flu season). Any donations would be greatly appreciated!