Wm. Adams Middle School

Faculty and Staff Newsletter • Nov. 16, 2015

Morning Duty This Week: 7:30 - 7:45

Margaret Nygard - Station 1: Outside main entrance

Destiny Pena - Station 2: Corridor to the gym

Melissa Prochazka - Station 3: West entrance

Francisco Rios - Station 4: 100 wing between 112 and 114 (monitor from 112 to 116)

Mary Allen Rios - Station 5: 200 wing between 207 and 209 (monitor from 207 to 216)

Ruben Rodriguez - Station 6: Outside Library by tables

Richard Franco - Station 7: 300 wing between 303 and 306 (monitor from 303 to 301)

Denise Garcia - Station 8: 300 wing between 312 and 314 (monitor from 312 to 316)

Sandra Garcia - Station 9: 400 wing between 404 and 406 (monitor from 406 to 401)

Sarita Garcia - Station 10: 400 wing between 409 and 414 (monitor from 407 to 416)

Kristen Hall- Station 11: Outside 400 wing by east entry

Danielle Kirts- Station 12: Bus Stop

When You are Out...

As you are aware, there are many substitute teachers on campus on any given day. In an effort to make their job a little easier, please be sure that you provide them with a seating chart and as detailed lesson plans and instructions as you can write. Include information about fire drills, too. Ask the substitute teacher to leave you detailed information about each class so that you can address what needs to be addressed when you return.

Additionally, talk to your students about what you expect of them while you are out. What are the consequences for their misbehavior?


Please remember that you are expected to sign-in each morning and sign-out each afternoon. If you leave campus for lunch or during your conference, you should sign-out and sign-in upon your return. This notice serves as your warning: If you leave campus without signing out and back in, you may received a reprimand. We have asked everyone to do this for safety reasons. Dr. Holmgreen is held responsible for each student and each adult on campus. Should there be an emergency that requires evacuation of the building, she has to account for everyone.

Restroom Logs

After the bathroom fire earlier this year, each of you were asked to keep a record of every student who left your class with the pass, whether they went to the restroom, the nurse, or the office. We have been finding graffiti in the boys' restrooms and these logs can be helpful in narrowing down our list of students to interview. Please be sure that students are completing this log before leaving your classroom. If you need blank copies, let Dr. Holmgreen know.

Also, please remember that students should not be leaving class during the first 15 minutes of instruction or the last 15 minutes of instruction. They need to be present for the initial direct instruction and the lesson closing.


We have had a rash of students show up in the back office who simply walked out of class. We need your help to keep students in class where the teaching is happening. Have you considered why they may be walking out? Of course the reasons could be many and they could be unrelated to instruction. We do know, however, that engaged lessons keep students interested and involved. As you are preparing your lessons each week, stop and think about how you may be able to add more activities---more hands-on activities and activities that get them out of their seat and participating. Remember, too, that not all assessments have to be pen and paper. "Tickets out the door," and discussions are also forms of assessment. Thanks for making time for this important reflection.

Have you thought about project based learning (PBL)?

What about trying a different approach to teaching? Is the flipped classroom for you?

Learning Partners: Co-Teaching With Community Experts

Grades, Timelines, and Report Cards

It cannot be stressed enough that grades must be entered into the grade book weekly (at least 2 grades) and that grades should not be entered after the close of the grading period. Each six weeks, your administrators take calls from parents asking why their child went from an A to a B (or lower) over night.

If you are giving an assignment that will take time to grade, such as a major project or a lengthy writing, please try not to wait until the end of the six weeks to assign it. It is very unfair for students not to know how they are doing in class, or to believe they are doing well because they were passing at the 3-week mark, and then, because several grades have not been entered, find themselves failing when grades are due.

No Food or Drink in Classrooms, please.

Do not let students bring snacks into class. If you see a student eating or drinking in class, please have them throw the items away. We thank you for your cooperation.

Cellular Phones

Take a moment this week to review the Alice ISD policy on electronic devices and technology resources. This may be found on page 57 of the "Student Handbook and Code of Conduct."

It reads: "For safety purposes, the district permits students to possess personal mobile telephones; however, these devices must remain turned off during the instructional day, including during all testing, unless they are being used for approved instructional purposes...the use of mobile telephones or any device capable of capturing images is strictly prohibited in locker rooms or restroom areas while at school or at a school-related or school-sponsored event."

It is permissible for you to ask students to take their phones out of their pocket or backpack, turn it off, show you that it is off, and then return it to its original location. At no time are students to be on the phone or even displaying the phone during the school day, unless they have obtained permission from their teacher to do so.
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