Vanguard Technology Recap 2014/2015

Monday, April 27 at Montessori Country Day School

It's a Whole New Technological World Baby!

As educators, we use technology in our classrooms through the use of the promethean board, the iPad and the iPod. However, our students are the real pros in understanding and utilizing technology. Take a look at the students below to see what I mean.
Top 10 Reasons to Use Technology in Education: iPad, Tablet, Computer, Listening Centers

What is SAMR?

SAMR, a model designed to help educators integrate technology into teaching and learning, was developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura. The model aims to enable teachers to design, develop, and integrate digital learning experiences that utilize technology to transform learning experiences to lead to high levels of achievement for students.Where are you on the SAMR continuum?
SAMR in 120 Seconds

The SAMR Ladder of Questions and Transitions


• What will I gain by replacing the older technology with the new technology?

Substitution to Augmentation:

• Have I added an improvement to the task process that could not be

accomplished with the older technology at a fundamental level?

• How does this feature contribute a design?

Augmentation to Modification:

• How is the original task being modified?

• Does this modification fundamentally depend upon the new technology?

• How does this modification contribute to my design?

Modification to Redefinition:

• What is the new task?

• Will any portion of the original task be retained?

• How is the new task uniquely made possible by the new technology?

• How does it contribute to my design?

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