Sammy Davis Jr

Early life

Sammy Davis Jr was one of the greatest entertainer there was he could perfprm in movies well and he could sing,plus he was very good at tap dancing,and dance in general. Born on December 8 1925 in New York city.He was first on stage at age 3,later he performed with his father in the Will Masten Trio.During world war 2 Sammy served in the entertainment unit.After world war 2 Sammy Davis Jr returned to New York city to get back into his show bis career,and in the year of 1950 he went solo.
He made 2 albums which were so successful to make him a headliner in New York and Las Vegas.He was then a huge star on Broadway.HE played in Golden boy and Mr.wonderful and both were really big hits.He made joy to people when he played.He almost died in a car crash,it all took place in November 1954.The accident smashed his face and ruined his left eye.Despite interracial marriage being illegal in 31 states he married a sweetish actress named May Britt in 1960.They had one daughter together and adopted 2 sons in their 8 year marriage.
Sammy Davis Jr is a champion of civil rights at a time when it was hard to be a African american show person.Sammy had bean involved in all the big marches in Washington along side with Martin Luther King Jr.He fought for his rights as a African American. Sammy stopped playing at venues that were segregated,it was a very big impact because he was so popular,and these places stopped segregating there so Sammy would perform.He became a superstar after performing in Porgy and Bess in 1959 and a series of rat packed movies in early 1960's.He married again to the dancer alglateves gore in the 1970's.He died of cancer on May 16 1990 in Beverly Hills California at age 64