The Southeast

580,835 square miles of Sunshine

States in the Southeast

The states included in the Southeast are North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Delaware, Maryland, Louisiana, Alabama.

Climate and Geographical Features

The climate in the Southeast is mainly subtropical and humid, but in some areas like Miami it is tropical. The Southeast is home to the Southern part of the Mississippi River, the Southern part of the Applachian Mountains, and the Florida Keys. The Southeast also includes states that border The Gulf of Mexico and Alantic Ocean.

Industry and Jobs

In the southeast car companies are common. Some of the these companies are Mercedes-Benz in Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Hyundai in Montgomery, Alabama; Toyota Motors in Blue Springs, Mississippi. The southeast also has many high technology jobs. Some other jobs are coal miners and jobs that help tourism.

Regional Foods

People in the Southeast love fried food. Like Fried Chicken, and Fried Okra. Other foods they enjoy are biscuits, sweet cakes, seafood and grits.

Agriculture and History

Most farmers in the Southeast owned plantations in the 1800s. Slaves worked on the plantation picking cotton, and tobacco. Farmers still plant similar things on their farmers. Climate in the southeast are excellent for growing tobacco and cotton.

Cool Places To Visit & Arts and Recreation

Some famous tourist attractions in the Southeast are Walt Disney world and Legoland. Both of these attractions are in Florida. Another big tourist attraction in the Southeast is Washington DC and somethings you can do there are visit the Lincoln Memorial and Washington monument. Many people enjoy visiting White House, the nations capital. Something many people in the south east do for fun is swim.

Famous People of the Southeast

There are many famous people in the southeast song include Elvis Presley, Jefferson Davis George Washington, and Martin Luther King Junior. Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights activist in the 1960. Elvis Presley was a famous singer and actor. Jefferson Davis was the leader of the South during the Civil War. George Washington the first president of the United States of America.

Cool Facts About The SOUTHEAST

The population of the Southeast is 87,438,243. The mouth of the longest river in the United States is in the Southeast. The Everglades, which is located in the southeast, is the largest subtropical wilderness area in the US.


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