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11/13/2017 - 11/25/2017

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Upcoming Events

Mon. Nov 13th: Terri Gilbert w/ Horace Mann in upstairs Faculty Lounge from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm.

Tues. Nov 14th: Girl's Basketball vs. Ridgevue 4:30, 6:00, 7:30 PM

Wed. Nov 15th: Teacher Choice PLC 7:30AM (see sign up below)

Thurs, Nov 16th: Jazz Band Variety Show 7:00 pm

Sat. Nov 18th: 7:00 am Holiday Parade (Band), DIII Drama, Girls Basketball @ Meridian 4:30, 6:00 & 7:30 PM

Thanksgiving Break 11/20 - 11/24

Tue. Nov 21st - Girls Basketball vs. Boise Sophomores 4:30, JV 6:00 pm & Varsity 7:30 pm

Please remember to have students use a HALL PASS when leaving your classroom. Thank you!

Concussion Protocol: Return to Learn Information

Below in BOLD is an example of a concussion notice Pam Arriola (our head athletic trainer) will send out if one of our athletes suffers a concussion during their season. The reason that we do this is because of an Idaho concussion law: Statute Section 33-1625 it states:

Students who have sustained a concussion and return to school may need informal or formal accommodations, modifications of curriculum, and monitoring by medical or academic staff until the student is fully recovered. A student athlete should be able to resume all normally scheduled academic activities without restrictions or the need for accommodation prior to receiving authorization to return to play by a qualified health care professional as defined in subsection (6) of this section.

We need to do our best to accommodate academic needs during recovery to prevent having to do a 504.

We don't return athletes to play until they are able to return to the classroom without accommodations. Pam will usually wait to send clearance to teachers after a few days back to sport to make sure they are good.

Please make sure if you receive a concussion notice from me, that you are following suggestions & allowing/providing accommodations. You can of course use your best judgement & allow for more accommodations for students especially in the more advanced classes. Not all work needs to be made up.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our head athletic trainer Pam Arriola at

Dear Teachers,

****** ******* (11) suffered a concussion during a _________ game/practice on 10/_/2017. He is currently suffering from concussion symptoms. He is currently under my care and the care of Capital's sports medicine staff until released/cleared from his concussion.

Concussion symptoms include but are not limited to:



light sensitivity

trouble concentrating


ringing in the ears

trouble sleeping/sleeping too much


personality/mood changes

balance issues

An increase in these symptoms can occur with loud sounds, bright lights and attempting to read or concentrate while doing classwork/homework.

The best treatment plan is complete brain rest. Unfortunately, it is hard to accomplish this. Please allow this student-athlete some accommodations in your classrooms during this time.

Allow for extra time for assignments - extend due dates.

Make up exams or wait to take exams until symptoms are clear.

They should be limiting screen time - computer, TV and cell phone.

Athletes should be hydrating, so please allow them to have access water in your class.

Please allow visits to the nurse/athletic trainer if the student-athlete needs rest.

I will let you know when this student-athlete is cleared from their concussion so you will be able to make arrangements with them to get assignments/exams turned-in in a timely manner. Please do not discuss this matter openly in class in front of other students.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Thank you,

Pam Arriola

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