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MEET SELC, our mascot! He is an eaglet who will grow up to be an Enfield High School Eagle.

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September 15, 2023

Greetings PK Families,

What a busy week it's been at Stowe Early Learning Center! We had picture day in the middle of the week AND our first safety drill of the year on Tuesday!

Teachers spent time preparing kids for what to do and where to go when the alarm sounded. If I can brag for a minute, for a building with over 250 kids ages 0-5, we were able to exit the building and account for everyone in approximately 3 minutes from start to finish! That is quite impressive!

Drop off for PK can be really hard for kiddos AND their adults. It feels easy for me to say, but I promise it does get better AND the tears do stop quickly once the transition has happened. As you prepare for drop off next week, try to validate how your little one is feeling while reminding them that you are excited for them to get to spend the day at school. Reassure them that it's okay to feel these big feelings and brainstorm things that they feel might help them make that transition when they are not upset in the moment. We are all here to help you through this!

I had the pleasure of going into all classrooms at Stowe this week! Your little ones are hard at work exploring their classrooms/materials, playing with new friends, and learning the routines of the PK day.

A few reminders:

  • Remain vigilant of your surroundings when driving through our parking lots. Our clientele are nearly 100% under or around 3 feet tall and it can be hard to see them!

  • The weather is getting cooler, but our classrooms can get sunny and warm. Layers are great for Fall weather!

  • Nurse Jen will need proof of flu vaccination by December 22, 2022. You can email it to her jmaier@enfieldschools.org, send in a hard copy, fax it (860) 253-0096!

  • Health and safety are top priorities and I thank you for doing your part!

iPad Explorers

As part of our ongoing commitment to fostering innovation and interactive learning experiences, we will be sending a weekly iPad activity designed to combine technology with family bonding.

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PLEASE TAKE 2 minutes to scan and answer 4 quick questions about orientation!

I added a clickable link below the QR code thanks to a former SELC family and staff person who let me know how convenient AND inconvenient these codes can be if you are reading information on your phone!
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Menu for the week of 9/18/23

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Community Resource Guide for Young Families-COMING SOON!

Product Safety Recalls as of 9/15/23

Joining a new school community can sometimes feel like learning a new language as you acclimate to the procedures, environment, people, and lingo. I will leave this in this space for reference all year. See below to continue learning about all things Stowe:

  • SELC=Stowe Early Learning Center
  • SELC=our mascot (the eaglet featured above)
  • FEO=Family Educator Organization
  • ECDC=Enfield Child Development Center
  • EPS=Enfield Public Schools
  • FRC=Family Resource Center
  • IPS=Integrated Pre-K
  • HS=Head Start
  • KITE=Key Initiatives to Early Education
  • PKS=PK STEAM Academy
  • Eaglets=all children taking part in any program at SELC


  • Main Office=860-253-4741
  • Head Start Family Support=860-253-4717
  • Nurse=860-763-8858
  • FRC=860-253-6580
  • KITE=860-253-6502

Our building is quite unique in that we house 4 PK programs, a Family Resource Center, and KITE.